3D Abs Bench

Never Before Seen Angled Bench!

Never Before Seen Angled Bench!

Designed for Moves unlike you have done before in “Full Range Of Motion”! But now for the 1st time Ever! 
Experience The “ONLY 2 MOVES” That Actually Isolate Your Abs & Puts Them Through a “FULL RANGE OF MOTION” that you will Drop Your Jaw Over when you finally feel the effect of training your abs correctly for the 1st time!
3d abs bymarco

3D ABS BENCH by Marco

With only 3 Sets of 12 Reps, 3-4 days a week, you will begin to see performance improvement and then the abs will become bigger and stronger and more developed! Rather than flat after hundreds of reps and 30 minutes of working out on them! There are also seemingly endless levels from beginners as you progress to the most advanced moves for “Seriously Strong and 3 Dimensional Looking ABS”! Without having to be below 12% body fat to finally see them!

ONLY $98+Shipping!! ORDER YOURS TODAY! Be Impressed After Your 1st Use!

Guess what, all those moves you see for abs demonstrated by Trainers, Body Builders, Figure, physique, etc… and video’s on youtube and products on infomercials etc…. Huge amounts of moves! They are 99% NOT TRAINING YOUR ABS! That’s Right! Notice how most people have “Flat Looking Abs”? Why are people working so hard for abs and spending lots of time to end up with “unimpressive abs”? Just because a person become lean enough to finally be able to see them, doesn’t mean they are well developed. All humans have abs, any anyone that gets lean enough, you can see them. Just like kids that are lean but not fit, you can see their abs too.
So you were told the “Old School Myth” that Abs are a different muscle and you need to train them “Differently”? LOL Wrong. Ask yourself, if a person is doing 50, 60.. 100 reps of something, wouldn’t that mean it’s too easy? Doesn’t High Reps of Low Effort only develop “endurance”? What does a muscle look like that is trained for endurance? Skinny and small and minimal strength. That is even if the moves are for abs. Almost all exercises taught and seen on YouTube are not training your abs. In fact, they are only using Abs “Rectus Abdominis” as a “Stabilizer Muscle” while exercising other muscles. The abs only get tired over time because they are only straining to hold you in a position to allow you to move other limbs and other muscle, not abs. LOL 
It’s time the fitness industry moves forward with “Education and Facts” not “Make up moves and work out” not realizing they are old and outdated or not effective or proven to be high risk injury moves. Nothing is advancing in the fitness industry, all old school repeated moves. New young people just think they are coming up with new ideas. But never look up anything to realize it’s already been done before.  For me, I’m an innovator of more efficient moves based on education.
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These are hand crafted with 2 inch thick, high density foam padding, a heavy durable vinyl, and is built with a wood frame that will last a private owner a life time. Note: These are also built to handle commercial use so club owners have used these for their member and even sold them as extra retail items as well. 
The forms and techniques that this bench is designed for are explained in the FREE Ab Training Techniques Manual. A training video is in the works. At No Extra Charge. They weigh only 15lb, come assembled and ready to use. I will accept a return in 30 days after purchase if after you try it, you are not satisfied with the challenge and educated approach my 3D AB Bench brings. We will refund only the cost of the product. Not the shipping. You will need to send the bench back by paying for the shipping & packaging cost only, then after we receive it in new condition, we will refund you the cost of the bench. 
Learn about Marco and how he came up with this Never Before Seen Angled Bench, for Moves unlike you have done before in Full Range Of Motion for the 1st time Ever! 
Starting his personal training company "PowerLine Personal Fitness Trainers Inc” in 1986 (Now DBA is Goal Fitness by Marco). He has been successful as High Performance athlete in many different sports including MMA, Triathalons, Body Building, etc etc… and is a Pro Qualifier in Natural Body Building. He also has 10 National Certifications ranging in Nutrition, Athletic Training, Personal Training, Group Fitness Training… and is nationally recognized as developing his own certification organization "Exercise Tech". He has also been the “Ask the Expert” on ABC NEWS in Toledo for 12 years, every week, also the Expert Trainer for “Rick Smith” the Top Ranked Golf Pro Instructor and on his show 20/20 Golf With Rick Smith for all of his episodes, also the Expert on Fitness for “The Dr. Sam Show” and so much more. 
“I teach from an educated approach and I am always disappointed in the lies, and garbage that is sold on TV and how trainers are not teaching proper exercise techniques based on education facts for most effective and safe training practices. After coming up with moves that are solely based on the Muscular Skeletal System and Kinesiology and Applying Bio Mechanics, I realized that there are “ONLY 2 Possible Moves” that actually Isolate the Abs “Rectus Abdominis to fully shorten and lengthen those intended muscles(There are actually 2 of them that run parallel to each other.) After training clients and myself with these moves, I couldn’t find any equipment that would allow for a “Full Range Of Motion of the Abs”, So I developed my ab bench for my self as well as for my clients. As a result the clients began requesting me to build them for their homes. So I started building and selling them to my clients since 1998. More recently I am ready to sell them to the general public. I should have done this forever ago!"

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