Nutrition-Based Weight Loss System

Nutrition-Based Weight Loss System Over "5X" More Nutrition Plan Concepts, All-In-One!


Plus this saves you Time & Money!
No fads! No Shakes!
No Gimmick Fat Loss Pills! 
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This is a Nutrition Based Weight Loss System Concept Designed by Marco.
What does “5X” mean? Well, All other weight loss programs are "One Dimensional" meaning you get only the one diet method that they are selling and when you hit a plateau or get bored, you’re stuck with their one approach. Also, because of the way they sell their plans you’re stuck with paying them every month that you’re on their plan. Paying for their fake fat loss pills, gimmick products, shakes they claim help lose weight, tea’s, packaged meals, etc etc…. Despite the FACT that there are no such thing as “FAT BURING SUPPLIMENTS”! No food or supplements “Burn Fat”! No such thing. They are all tricks and gimmicks that actually have you “under eating/low cal eating”. They are not being honest but rather making you think you need those products, which only makes them more profit and does nothing for you in terms of “Fat Loss”. 
(Note: this is not the same as a company saying “Here is a great multivitamin and mineral that is a good back up to your daily eating plan to make sure your body is getting all the nutrients it need to be optimal. That would be all anyone needs and how it should be explained, if they are honest people.) 
The selling of gimmick products or packaged meals gets very expensive for you and you’re paying for their “One Dimensional Approach” and you’re not learning how do reach your goals “On Your Own” and for Fare Less $! 
What Marco designed is a Multi Dimensional System, meaning you get 5 Additional Different Nutrition Based Systems/Approaches! This way you can change from one to the next each time your body begins to adapt/hits a “weight loss plateau”. This will help keep the body from predicting your meal patterns and keeps the metabolism from dropping for long term weight loss and helps prevent the common boredom of being on the same system for too long. 
The base concept is to switch to the next Nutrition System/Strategy when your weight loss stops with the plan you’re on. You can also choose to change from one to the other when you get bored. Every 3-4 weeks you can switch to a different Nutrition System Approach. 
What is even better, once you purchase the 5X Drop-It System, you own it! No need to buy this system again. 
What is even super better is that because you will be eating normal food you find in a grocery store and you could buy in bulk, you will be saving huge amounts of $ every month just following my systems! Most people find themselves making profit by the savings in the first month after purchasing my DROP-IT 5X System! 
Rather than going to 5 different weight loss centers or buying into different diet plans you see on the internet. This is like getting 6 Strategies for the price of one! 
This includes 1 basic Nutrition Plan based on your Gender, Height, Age, daily routine activity, and if you have a structured fitness or sport you do regularly several days a week or not. 
I then include 5 additional Nutrition Plan Strategies that i designed that you will change through about every 4 weeks. 
One Extra Bonus Nutrition Plan is based on your "Favorite Foods". So you will be writing down your favorite Fresh Foods and a list of favorite pre made delicious junk meals, like eating out, pizza, hamburgers, fries, ice cream, chips, etc…. 
I also include a Digital Food Scale that includes it's own large bowl for home cooking so you don't do any "Eyeballing the portions" which causes so many people to fail by "winging/guessing" their portions. The #1 cause of a program failure is the individual not following directions. ;-) 
And this is a "One Time Purchase", you will own everything and can repeat these strategies by cycling through them for as long as it takes to reach your "Long Term Goal". Never needing to look for new plans because you will have learned 6 different System Strategies. This way you save your money and frustration. 


Note: You could choose the next system that is a FAT BURNING SYSTEM Called BURN-IT FAT LOSS. That is a Fitness Based “Fat Loss” Approach not a Nutrition Based “Weight Loss” Approach, that has it's big benefits over the Diet Based Approaches. But this system is even more personalized and is based on Cardio as the primary tool for specifically “FAT LOSS ONLY”. No loss of “Muscle”, but rather keeping muscle, raises metabolism, increasing cardiovascular fitness, increases your energy, endurance, etc….. This system is for people that want to “Burn Fat Through Cardio” but need to have an advanced personalized nutrition plan and an educated approach to how cardio should be done best for predictable and timely results. Doing it just right for predictable results is a science, not a guessing game/trial and error. Read about the Burn-It Fat Loss System if a Fitness Based Fat Loss is more of your interest. ) 
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