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You know the feeling, after all the months of training and dieting you get to the BIG DAY! Competition Day! And you start off GREAT! But then you LOSE because you started getting tired during the big game, or in only your second or 3 or 4 round? YOU SHOULD NEVER LOSE BECAUSE OF LACK OF CONDITIONING!!!
You can even see it with local athletes or when the pro’s are on national television. Like “MMA”, the guy or girl that gets exhausted in their early rounds will always lose to the better Conditioned Athlete. Sometimes you see both competitors getting tired at the same time. Don’t you ever wonder why all their conditioning with pro’s coaching them, still get tired in only 15 minutes? Seriously? Wouldn’t you rather win by skills? And wouldn’t you rather lose to a better skilled athlete rather than losing because you got tired?!
Perform-It is your Short Cut to learning the best approach to reaching your Performance Goals at your particular sport “RIGHT OFF THE BAT”! Have you been frustrated by becoming stagnant while others pass you up? Or are you close to the best but understand the need to keep learning from better experts that can show you an even better, safer, more efficient and educated approach to going to the next level up?
Perform-It is a great opportunity to learn from an expert “Mark “Marco” Iagulli, who not only has extensive certifications in a wide range of the fitness and nutrition industry but which includes “Athletic Trainer Certification”. Besides education and extensive research over the past 3 decades, Marco has a long list of varying athletic endeavors for serious athletic hands on experience to back his research and development of this Personalized System, modified specifically for any sport, as well as Personalized Based on Several Criteria of the individual.
What you get in this Personalized Packaged System is similar in items as the Burn-It package but this system is designed specific for Sport Performance, strength, endurance, etc……….

This package also includes Training Approaches specific for your sport as well. It is one part of the 200% that needs to be DIALED IN! Training and Conditioning has to be 100% Correct for your sport!
As an Athlete of many different sports at high levels and watching athletes training programs that are so generic and taught by so many coaches or mimicked by so many athletes, I see and have evaluated the many flaws. Too many top athletes are doing “Mimicked Approaches” to training. Shockingly most injuries, long term or sudden, happen directly related to your Training Methods! I want to reduce the risk of injuries to the athlete due to the “Performance Training Methods” as well as bring “Intelligence, Logic, Education, Research & Common sense” to your approach!
This seems too uncommon nowadays! 

The other part that NEEDS to be 100% is your NUTRITION STRATEGY!!

I designed my Personalized Nutrition Plans to allow me to change many variables for different goals/needs. I can adjust training intensity & frequency levels, lean mass levels, Caloric #’s and ratios of your “MACRO Nutrients” which are Protein to Carbs to Fats, based on your sport and you as an individual.


In other words, if your Training is not 100% or your Nutrition is not 100% then you will be left without optimal and predictable results. PERIOD! The frustration Athletes have is from being puzzled thinking they have it all figured out. What’s missing is more important than what you feel you have corrected!

It’s never about how much you know, it’s always about what you don’t know, that takes you to the next level.

Always be willing to learn more from an expert!

ANY AGE can reap the benefits of this PERFORM-IT System!

It’s time for you to go to “THE NEXT LEVEL UP”!
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